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LET Reviewer - General Education (SCIENCE - Earth Science 1)

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SCIENCE (Earth Science 1)

Direction: Select the letter of the best answer.

1. According to this theory, the universe was created (between 10 and 20 billion years ago) from a cosmic explosion that threw matter in all directions.
a. Eternal Inflation
b. Steady State Theory
c. General Theory of Relativity
d. The Big Bang Theory

Answer: d. The Big Bang Theory

2. _______ is the science that is devoted to the study of the earth’s place in the universe, it’s structure and the processes that occur that contribute to its change.
a. Physics
b. Biological Science
c. Earth Science
d. General Science

Answer: c. Earth Science

3. Which of the following is a direct result of the tilt of the Earth’s axis?
a. uneven periods of day and night
c. the occurrences of solstice
d. all of the above

Answer:  b. differences of the seasons between the hemispheres

a. a liquid inner core and a solid outer core
b. a solid core and a liquid mantle
d. has a solid crust and a liquid mantle

Answer:  c. a liquid outer core and a solid inner core

5. The continental drift theory can be explained as ________.
a. the movement of the Earth’s tectonic plates
b. the gradual widening of the oceans
c. the movement of the large land masses on the crust
d. the gradual shrinking of continents

Answer:  c. the movement of the large land masses on the crust

6. When an earthquake occurs, the actual point where an earthquake originates is called the _______.
a. epicenter
b. focus
c. fault line
d. fissure

Answer: a. epicenter

a. mud spring
b. hot spring
c. geyser
d. vent

Answer: c. geyser

a. Weathering
b. Erosion
c. Sedimentation
d. Decantation

Answer: b. Erosion

a. Flowing Water
b. Transport of animals
c. Changing Air Temperature
d. Movement of wind

Answer: d. Movement of wind

a. Metamorphism
b. Cementation
c. Sedimentation
d. Liquefaction

Answer: a. Metamorphism

11. Mike was asked to identify the rock samples by the way they split into definite pieces. He does by identifying the samples’ _______. 
a. Hardness
b. Streak
c. Cleavage
d.  Specific gravity

Answer: c. Cleavage

a. a gem stone
b. siliceous
c. metallic
d. non-metallic

Answer: c. metallic

13. The energy one can harness from underground hot springs through power plants is known as _______.
b. Geothermal energy
c. Tidal Power
d. Wind energy

Answer: b. Geothermal energy

14. All of the statements below about water are TRUE except _______.
b. it can exist in three phases
c. it exhibits surface tension
d. it expands when frozen

Answer: a. it can rise faster in thick tubes than in thin tubes

15. Sandy travels a lot and claimed to have sailed on all oceans, which of the following should he NOT include?
a. Baltic
b. Artic
c. Pacific
d. Indian

Answer: a. Baltic

16. Rocks formed by the cooling of lava are classified as_______.
a. Igneous
b. Metamorphic
c. Sedimentary
d. Porous

Answer: a. Igneous

17. All of the following occur in the Troposphere except _______.
a. storms
b. tornadoes
c. cloud formations
d. aurora

Answer: d. aurora

18.  Which of the following are not true?
I.    Land breezes occur in the daytime
II.  Sea breezes occur when the land is warmer than the body of water
III. Breezes are caused by convection in the atmosphere
IV.  Mountain breezes occur in the evening       

a. I and IV
b. I and II
c. II and III
d. III and IV

Answer: b. I and II

a. amount of water vapor in the atmosphere
b. covalent bond
c. amount of people living in that area
d. amount of sunlight that area receives

Answer: a. amount of water vapor in the atmosphere

20. Given Nitrogen (N), Oxygen (O) and Carbon Dioxide (CO2), which item below shows the correct order in terms of increasing abundance in the atmosphere?      
a. N, O, CO2
b. O, CO2, N
c. CO2, O, N
d. O, N, CO2

Answer:  a. N, O, CO2

21. Factors that work together to cause changes in atmospheric conditions include air pressure, temperature, wind direction and
a. amount of precipitation
b. cloud cover
c. relative humidity
d. all of the above

Answer: d. all of the above

22.  The primary cause for the continuous cycling of water in the earth is the _______.
a. wind
b. soil
c. sun
d. Earth’s rotation

Answer: c. sun

23. Which statement describes both weather and climate?
a. The ceremony was called off because of the storm.
b. I went to the rainforest.
c. The skies are overcast today.
d. It is warm and sunny at our province.

Answer:  d. It is warm and sunny at our province.

24. From November to February, the dominant monsoon in our country is the _______.
a. Northwest
b. Southwest
c. Northeast
d. Southeast

Answer: c. Northeast

I.   Mark said that it occurs when the moon is between the sun and earth
II. Melvin said that it occurs when the earth is between the sun and moon
III. Justin said that it occurs when the sun is between the moon and the earth
IV.  Frank said that it occurs when the sun, moon and earth form 90 degree angles

a. Mark
b. Melvin
c. Justin
d. Frank

Answer: a. Mark


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